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We are looking for sponsors to support KM,
both from companies and individuals.
Find your way to sponsor our team and be part of the project!
Visit our online store and buy a KM product
Thanks a lot!
The following companies support us. Do you also want to support us? Read below.
We are KM, the football club in the center of Reykjavík
Do you run a business? become a sponsor of our team and work with us!

You can participate in 3 different ways:

1) Friendship sponsor: 10,000 ISK per year, your logo will be visible on our website.

2) Collaboration: Do you have anything to offer our players? Let's talk!

3) Jersey sponsor:
·There are 5 places in our shirt where you can have your logo. See the pictures below.
·The price ranges from ISK 100,000 to ISK 300,000, but payment does not have to be in cash, it can be for services offered to KM.
·Companies get visibility on our social media (Facebook and Instagram), on KSí's website (player photos) and also on our players' social media when they share photos with their jersey that shows this logo.
·You can have your logo on either our "home" blue or "away" red shirt.
· We usually use both jerseys the same number of games during the season.

·These shirts are used by aprox. 30 players.
·The price includes VAT, The production of a logo and stamp on the shirt is not included in the price.
KM Sponsor Front.png
KM Sponsor Back.png
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