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Joaquín Linares Córdoba

Managing Director

Guðlaugur Jóhannesson

Board member

KM Reykjavík is short for "Knattspyrnufélagið Midbær Reykjavík".​​


The men's team was founded in 2013 as a 7-man football team by several amateur players from Spain who live in Iceland.

We registered in KSÍ as an 11-man football team in 2018 and the KM Men's Team has been playing in the 5th division since 2019.

In March 2023, KM received UMSK's Incentive Award for the project "Work with newcomers".
This "can be awarded to a member organization, a department within a member organization or individuals within an UMSK member organization for noteworthy and progressive projects that excel or for selfless work in the interest of society".

In February 2024, KM's manager was awarded Grassroots Person KSÍ 2023 for his work at KM.

We are an independent club, not part of any football club or any municipality.
Therefore, our resources are limited, but our passion, work and efforts yield good results.

We practice and play home games in Kórinn Artificial Grass (Kópavogur). See location here.

KM organizes the Boreal Cup, a winter tournament for Division 5 men's teams (

Áfram KM!

Joaquin KM

Grassroots person of KSÍ 2023

Joaquin KM

UMSK incentive award


KM Reykjavík was founded in the capital of Iceland in 2013 under the name FC Iberia.  In the beginning the players were mainly from Spain and the name references the Iberian peninsula where Spain is located. The concept back then was to meet once per week to play football casually as friends.

The team decided to participate in the amateur 7vs7 football league of Iceland (Gulldeildin), but this first participation in 2014 is not to be remembered; the team lost all games and ended in last position.

After this devastating loss the team took a year off from the league but continued practicing and playing friendly games. New players of different origins living in the capital area of Iceland joined the team after hearing from friends (already players) that it was fun and the atmosphere in the team was always great. 

This improved the team and in 2016 the name was changed to Dynamo Reykjavík. With the new name the team wanted to make reference to all those legendary teams from cold places in Europe that we used to consider strong when we were younger. Dynamo also means "power" in ancient greek (δύναμις), and this is one of the main goals of our team, be a powerful team.

At the end of 2017 we decided to make preparations to bring the team to the Icelandic 4th division in 2019 and to play 11vs11 under a new name: KM Reykjavík.

The team is now registered by the Icelandic Football Association (KSÍ).

The masculine team of KM plays in the Icelandic 5th division since 2019

The women's team competed in the Icelandic 2nd division and the Icelandic Cup in 2021 (see here).

In november and december 2023 KM played the Icelandic Football Federation (KSÍ) Futsal tournament for the first time.

KM organises the Boreal Cup, a winter football tournament for  men (



Why are we here?

KM is a football club focused on:
·Sports practice, competition and cultural exchange that encourages and promotes the development of Icelandic football, based on shared values. We pretend to be a model club, oriented to excellence, with a long-term project that ensures a gradual and sustained development in the institutional, social and sportive area being a reference in this field and sports framework.

·Promoting and encouraging sports and physical activity, as a tool to get people healthy and committed to society.

·Being part of the social environment and positevely implement our work with actions of sport and solidare nature.

·Being commited of using football, sport and education as a tool for making the world a better place to live designing projects that are commited with the environment, the cultural exchange, the education and charity.



What do we want to be? Where do we want to go?
·To be a reference institution in the sports and social areas with a solid, unified and club structure.
·Make KM tradeband stronger internally and externally.
·Increase the feeling of belonging to the club.
·Improve in the sportive area and in the icelandic competition while respecting and implementing our club values.
·Be referents in Icelandic football. A social institution admired, respected and loved where the values and formative aspects are essential.
·Build partnerships with institutions around the world to achieve our mision.
·Create relations and projects to provide the players with less resources of a chance to develop personally and professionally in the football environment.
·Create relations and projects to provide people in other communities with less resources of a chance to develop personally and professionally in the sport and education environment.

·Positive and Happy football

·Promote a positive environment to create happy players make the team more succesful while everyone enjoys and learn more.

·Respect is one of the fundamental pillars of sport and life. Respect for the game, integrity, diversity, dignity, rules, referees, rivals and fans.
·Be active part of the process to enjoy the success and beat the dificulties.
·Social and environment commitment, be a better persons in a better society.
·Improve day by day. Help improve others. Help growing up the KM community.
·Champions mindset. High goals.
·Do more of what you love and give your 100% to it.
·Find the best ways to attract the happiness of others with the less resources.
·New ideas, new connections.
·Perceive the world in a new ways. Find hidden patterns.
·Amateurism vs Professionalism
·Go back to the football roots, passion and love for the game and its essence. Provide this philosohpy to a professional estructure and its responsabilities.
·Share knowledges and traditions. Welcome participants no matter the origin, the sex, race or religion.
·Expand and share Icelandic and european football culture. Add and learn other football cultures around the world.
·Allow, respect and accept the existence of diferent opinions, behaviours or beliefs no matter the sexuality, the religion or the origin.
·Willing to accept them even those are different than yours or you don't agree or like it.
·Gender equality
·The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
·Commitment for promoting women football in countries it is still not well developed enough.
·Non Political
·We are a club commited with the society and its improvement with an Independent thinking. We accept all the options that respect the human rights.

·We are a priviledged community, therefore we thank all the subjects that make it happen.

·Know the FIFA Laws of the Game. The values, vision and mision of KM. And its rules and code of conduct. Know the internal rules of your team.
·Play hard, but play fair. Know and make his/her best effort to obey the letter of the Laws of the Game.
·Be a good sport person. Respect and honor all other participants – opponents, referees, coaches, and spectators; Understand and respect the spirit of the Laws, avoiding cynical and unfair play.
·Be Positive according to enjoy the game, and to promote enjoyment of the game by others.
·Support your team, be a team player, not a lone hero. Promote the learning, effort, and development of all participants by encouragement and patience.
·Refrain to the greatest extent possible from disagreeing publicly with the referee’s decisions, remembering that loud or persistent disagreement can undermine the referee’s ability to monitor and control the game – to the detriment of the players – and can undercut the referee’s authority, and over time, the status of all authority figures.
·Be respectful. Never insult, demean, or criticize any participant, whether player, game official, or team official. Offensive, insulting, or abusive language is absolutely contrary to the spirit of the game.
·Enjoy Soccer fully, but remember that in the end Soccer is only a game. Refrain from adverse interaction with other spectators.
·Do whatever can be done, by word and example, to encourage adherence to these principles by those persons who have greater difficulty adhering to them.
·Be tolerant with the religion and political ideas of others. Never disrespect our communitty and never use KM name to define any political or religious believes.
·We are a multicultural Icelandic club founded by spaniards. We encourage every single member of our community to learn and talk Icelandic. We respect the value of the good and positive comunication so We cheer all the members of our community to talk a language that everyone knows during our events. We take Icelandic and English as our official languages.
·Cheer the other KM teams in their events and in the social media. Get to know and learn from each other with all the KM players in its different teams.
·Thank the coach, the teammates and all the staff after every practice and games shaking their hands.

·Know the FIFA Laws of the Game. The values, vision and mision of KM. And its rules and code of conduct being an important part of implementing it and maximize it.
·Instruct players in the values, vision and mision of KM. And its rules and code of conduct. Motivate each player to compete according to that all times.
·Treat officials with respect and dignity, and teach their players to do the same.
·Maintain control of his/her emotions and avoid actions, language, and/or gestures that may be interpreted as hostile or humiliating.
·Promote and practice good sportsmanship and fair play and never promote violations of the Laws of the Game or behavior contrary to the spirit of the Laws of the Game.
·Ensure that spectators of his/her team exhibit sportsmanship and maturity at all times and
assist league and game officials in maintaining control of spectators during games.
·Model respect for opponents and expect their players to do the same.
·During the drills:
– Guided discovery vs telling what to do?
– Use sandwich feedbacks. Positive / Negative / Positive corrections.
– All material organized for the clear understanding and good tempo.
– Use break between sets to meet the players and give feedbacks.
· After the drills and end of session:
– Encourage the players to pick all the stuff and compliment them.
– Pick the key words of the coaching contents of the session and give a feedback.
– Be open for them to come to you and thank you for the practice or game.


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