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Get our new 2021 home jersey!
Our blue represents the city of Reykjavik.
Good clothing quality by sportswear brand Macron.
Áfram KM!
2019 jersey (Sizes XS/S)  ̶5.̶4̶9̶0̶k̶r̶  990kr

KM Jersey (Away 2021)

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Despite its simple lines, the Deneb football t-shirt has an extremely bold look. Softlock mesh inserts underneath the sleeves and a knitted collar make this t-shirt extremely lightweight, soft and breathable. The t-shirt is enhanced by the contrasting elastic tapes and the multi-coloured design on the front. It comes in a wide range of colours to satisfy every requirement.

  • SOFTLOCK: high-tech fabric specially designed for match kits. It’s light, very malleable, and tear resistant. Guaranteed to dry super fast.
  • SIZE: 3XL/196cm+, XXL/190-195 CM, XL/184-189 CM, L/178-183 CM, M/172-177 CM, S/159-171 CM, XS/146-158 CM
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